5 Unusual Things That Happens Only In India

India is truly a land of extremes, not only geographically but also socially and factually. On one hand you will find men who adore new fashion for men in India, on the other you will also find who live just with minimalistic pleasures of life. There are men who are always tuned to the current fashion trends for men, you will also find men who only listen to the by-gone era and both types of ecstasies make India the most extraordinary nation in the world.

1. The Bullet God

Located at the Bullet Baba Shrine, Bandai, Rajasthan, India you have to visit this place to believe it. It is perhaps only place in the world, where bike is worshiped as a God! Right from flowers to liquor bottles are offered to please the deity. There is a story of Mr. Om Singh Rathore who died due to an unfortunate accident, as he was drunk. The police impounded the bike, but the following day, mysteriously the bike was again recovered from the same crash site. After the incident, the spirited motorcycle was chained and drained out of the fuel but was again recovered from the same site on the successive day! Now the bike is called Om Baba or Bullet Baba and the location is revered by many!



2. The Temple of Dog

Yes, we wrote it right it sis the Dog which is considered as a deity here in the place called Channapatna’s Ramanagar district, Karnataka, India. Here locals believe that reverence to the idol, bring good luck and happiness to the place as they consider this lord to be very loyal and always working with them in every situation.



3. The Floating Stones on Water

It is no joke, come to place called Pamban Island, the little town of Rameshwaram that holds great significance in Hindu Religion. According to the scriptures and the holy book of Ramayana, Lord Rama had blessed the workers about the floating abilities of stones, who were helping him to build the bridge to rescue Lord’s wife Sita. You can still find such ‘floating stones’ in Rameshwaram, India



4. Floating Stone in Air

If that is not all, visit Shivapur, Pune, Maharashtra, India to see how magically a stone can rise up in the sky without properly holding it. According to locals a saint Qamar Ali was once taunted by local wrestlers as a result the saint casted a spell that the 70 kg rock can only be lifted by 11 finger tips touching it and by simultaneously calling out his name loudly. This activity can actually be witnessed at the spot by chanting out the name of saint Qamar Ali.