5 Top South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi

From latest fashion for men to the best movies to watch, we try to keep you updated in every sphere of life. The new fashion for men in India is inspired not only by the Bollywood actors but also by the leading South Indian actors, who has recently given big hits in the country. We take you through the most successful south Indian movies that have dubbed in Hindi for the ‘north’ Indian masses.

1. Bahubali:

The Beginning – One of the best recent movies that has caused a major stir in the North India belt. The movie actors and the movie has become super famous amongst the Hindi -speaking states in India. The epic storyline of an infant who grows up to save his mother and his kingdom has earned estimated Rs. 587 crores worldwide.



2. Bahubali 2:

The sequel to the original storyline has emerged out to be bigger and better. The movies that answers the basic premise of ‘Why Katappa killed Bahubali?’ This movie surpassed the earnings of a standard super-hit movie of Bollywood, by earning more than Rs. 1600 crores worldwide. A must watch for anyone who love to watch action thrillers and melodrama.

Bahubali 2


3. Enthiran:

This super-hit south Indian movie was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Robot’. Robot is the super successful and one of the most watched south Indian movies in ‘Hindi’ belt in recent times. The sci-fi story of Dr. Vasigaran, a scientist who invents a ‘humanoid’ robot Chitti. The movies is estimated to have earned more than Rs. 244 crores worldwide.



4. Sivaji:

This is a must-watch south Indian movie that was also dubbed in Hindi, wherein a software engineer, Sivaji returns to India for the development of the people, only to find greedy politicians and bureaucrats who impounds his wealth. According to estimates, this movie has earned more than Rs. 302 crores worldwide

5. Khiladi No. 150:

One of the good South Indian movies to watch in Hindi, that depicts the melodrama between the farmers and the corporate who revolt against the land acquisitions. This movie has worldwide earned an estimated amount of Rs. 164 crores.

Khiladi 150