5 Times A.R. Rahman made India Proud

The Mozart of Madras, the much deserving heir of Padam Bhushan, A.R. Rahman has won millions of heart across the globe. His unconventional and unparalleled music has fetched him innumerable accolades across borders. A prodigy that he is, here’s why every musician looks up to him for inspiration and insight!



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1) Two Oscars in one go!

This musical maverick won 2 Oscars for his brilliant composition in Slumdog Millionaire back in 2009. His legendary song ‘Jai Ho’ was absolutely phenomenal. He was also nominated for his contribution to the Hollywood movie, 127 hours, in the year 2011.


2) He bagged a Golden Globe Award!

Needless to mention, this southern legend made the country proud by reaching the levels of perfection no one could ever imagine! He won a Golden Globe for Slumdog Millionaire and got a nomination for 127Hours.




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3) Grammy was there too!

Grammy is every International artist’s dream, but not any more for Rahman Sir. He achieved one for his brilliant work in Slumdog Millionaire. Ironically, the movie truly made him an award millionaire!



4) Rocked the Dubai International Film Festival!

A.R. Rahman won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 at Dubai. The music maestro is not even 50, yet his personal wall of fame is already running out of space.




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5) BAFTA Award was not missed either!

The British Academy Film Awards were no less in identifying his caliber. He won the award for Slumdog again, and got a nomination for 127 Hours.



He is a true personification of ‘Simple living, high thinking’. The never-ending list of his achievements speaks for itself. No wonder, he was a whiz kid by birth and his musical appetency only appreciated with age!