5 Things Every Bro Relates To

With International Men’s Day round the corner, it is time to celebrate the special bond that men share with each other. The true significance of Bromance is something that only men can understand. Though you may have heard stories of sisterhood, but in the department of friendship men inarguably beat the women. When a man calls another man his friend, he is usually a friend for life and would do anything for his bro.

Let’s find out more about Bro Code, the unique friendship etiquette that men follow religiously.



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1.Never let the cat out of the bag :

If your bro told you a secret, the unsaid rule is to take it to the grave with you. The bro code doesn’t permit you to reveal the secret under any circumstances. Undoubtedly, men tend to be the best secret keepers, given the years of bro-code practice. Salute the men for not letting the cat out of the bag, ever.



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2.Broke bro is your responsibility :

In case your bro is facing cash crisis, it is your responsibility to provide for him till he is up on his knees again. You should treat him whenever you eat out. When you go out for movies or games, you should cover for him. If the situation demands, you shouldn’t hesitate in lending him money. He needs you, bro!



3.Forget and forgive :

No bro fights last longer than two hours because bros are for life. Whatever may be the reason you fought for, you must forget and forgive your bro, without holding any grudges against him. The bro code doesn’t permit bros to turn into enemies at any cost.



4.Be his chauffeur when he is drunk :

A bro is never allowed to drive around the town in the drunken state. If he is tipsy, bro ethics demand that you drop him off to his place and ensure that he is dozing off on his bed before you leave his side. Do whatever you may have to, to get him back home safely.



5.Cricket and Football matches are incomplete without bros :

Watching a cricket/football match alone is an absolute no-no. Even if you have to miss work or postpone your date, you do that. You just have to make time to watch the match together with your bros. The kind of bonding that happens over games is absolutely inexplicable.



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Do you follow the bro-code ethics? Do you picture yourself in the above scenarios? If that’s a reassuring yes, you will love what these interesting men have to say about their bro code. Do check out their video.