5 Signs That World Is Experiencing The Climate Change

Unlike the world of fashion where new fashion trends for men and latest men fashion trends are formed overnight, the changes that have happened in the real world are gradual and permanent. According to environmentalists, the climatic changes that are happening worldwide are becoming a threat to human existence. Let us review the 5 major signs that are happening around the world.

1. Soaring global temperatures :

Earth is becoming a hotter place to live, as indicated by NASA. Temperatures have peaked to the record levels, unforeseen in recorded history. World over, across the geographies, temperatures are soaring in fact years 2014-2016 was the hottest temperature that was ever experienced by earth since record keeping by human begun.




2. Melting Glaciers :

The before and after pictures of Greenland and Antarctica will surely shock you. Ice sheets across the colder regions of the world are changing the geographical topographies. Hilly regions are becoming grasslands, in some parts of the world the cover of ice has reduced by as much as 60 percent.




3. Rising Sea-levels :

There are many islands across the world that are in danger and are likely to get submerged if the current trend continues. According to the global estimates, the sea level is likely to rise by as much as 28 to 98 cm by 2100 that would mean imminent danger for human existence in the coastal areas.




4. Alarming Migration patterns :

India to Alaska, there is a change in the migration patterns of birds and animals. Traditionally, flocks of cranes and birds flew across the borders to arrive in the warmer regions during the winter seasons, but everything has transformed now. Now, animals and birds rarely tend to migrate, most of them are finding the suitable climate within short distances. Atlantic mackerel that were once rare in the far north are most common in Iceland’s fishing industry!




5. Greenery in Antarctica is spreading

The so-called ‘White Continent’ is becoming green, with the growth of small marine plants and phytoplankton across the major parts of Antarctica. The most inhospitable climate on earth is becoming suitable for human dwelling!