5 Important Advices From Ck Prahalad For Your Business

There are lots of advices you tend to receive daily about the latest fashion for men in India to the best hairstyle for men in India but you will rarely get an advice that is most appropriate for your business. We present you the 5 most important advice that well known management guru has given for growing any business.

1. Be a Leader :

As a decision-maker, you should understand the importance of nonconformity! You should venture into uncharted territory, so they must be able to handle intellectual solitude and ambiguity. You must invest in yourself.




2. Be ready to invest in people :

As a mentor, you will have to start developing your employees. Let the true potential of your employees be unleashed. Also learn to relate to those who are less fortunate.




3. Be fair in your dealings :

As advised by the guru, you should be concerned about the process! As a leader you should be an example of fairness and not favors! You should ensure that processes in your business are fair, transparent and give due importance to everyone in your organization.




4. Be supportive to all :

It is advised that you should show your respect, gratitude towards your organization, profession, community, society, and above all, family. You should realize that the achievements would be possible with every ones’ support. You will have to assume responsibility for all the outcomes – processes and people.




5. Be conscious of your role :

As advised by the Mr. Prahalad you should always remember that your strength lies in a part of a privileged few! You will have to balance achievement with compassion and learning with understanding. You should not forget that you will be judged by what you do, how well you do and not what you say you want to do!
Hence it is must for business leaders to always be extra-conscious of the part you are playing. You should be humble enough to accept human weaknesses, laugh at yourself—and certainly avoid the temptation to play God.