5 Hassle Free Foreign Trips

Not all of us can always afford lavish trips to exotic foreign countries all the time. Nevertheless, it doesn’t reduce the wanderlust that is within each of us. Here are a few countries that a affordable and are hassle free when it comes to visas


1. Indonesia:

Indonesia’s rustic beauty along with its diverse culture makes it on top of the list. There are a number of places t visit here including Bali, Derawan Island, Toba, Jakarta, Pangandaran, it also has many beaches for leisure time. Indonesia also offers visa on arrival for 30 days.



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2. Turkey:

For all the right reasons, turkey happens to be 6th most
popular destination for tourists. Enriched with medieval history and cultural tourism this country also is the home of troy and Istanbul. If you do not have a visa, turkey offers it on arrival for duration of 90 days.



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3. Sri lanka:

“Home away from home.” While touring in Sri Lanka you’ll never fell out of place since you’ll be surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the IndianOcean and the gulf of Myanmar. For its serenity and scenic beauty, Sri Lanka wins the hearts of many.




4. Nepal:

If you have a certain love for scenic beauty, Nepal should definitely be on your list. Toexperience the adrenaline rush whilst among the calmness that this place offers since it is situate among the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal tops the list for getaway places when on a tight budget. Nepal also does not require visa.



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5. Bhutan:

Among the breath takingmeadows and the quaint peaks, his country in its rustic beauty wins hearts for its serenity. Known for its religious tourism, local sightseeing and the cultural tours, Bhutan is amongst the countries that fits the budget vacations.



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There are many such places that are as affordable and have minimum hassle when it comes to visa which can be visited for a holiday, happy travelling.