5 Best Street Foods From Around The World

While we regularly advise you to adhere to recommended exercise for men and the suggested diet chart for men, you surely cannot miss tasting the street food from the famous food streets around the world.

1. Hot Chilli Crab, Singapore:

If you happen to visit Singapore, you should not miss activating your taste buds with the most popular street food in Singapore, the hot Chilli crab. You can find this stir-fried food across the hawker centers across the city-state. The mouthwatering food is dipped in a sweet and sour sauce of egg, butter and tomato, prefer to have it freshly prepared in real-time.



2. Bhelpuri, India:

India is a land of foodies. You will find diverse street food across the different states in India, each area, district and state have its own specialty to offer. From Kulcha Chhola, Aloo Tikki and Chhole Bhatura in Northern states to Idli, Dosa, Uttapam in South, everywhere there is a variety of food available to ignite your senses. If you happen to be in Mumbai, try Vada Pav, and if in Patna do not miss the authentic Liti Choka. We will rate Bhelpuri as one of the best dishes that you can try in India, as this is meant for anyone and everyone. Simple to eat, easy to digest and not to spicy or too sweet, the best authentic snack of India that is full of nutritious value as it contains peanuts, puffed rice, fried vermicelli noodles and lots of assorted fresh vegetables like onion, tomato, green chilli and coriander leaves that are mixed in tamarind sauce or lemon juice.



3. Bunny chow, South Africa:

The Indian influence can still be felt in Durban, as this spicy dish is one of the most popular street food in Durban. You can locate it anywhere on the foodie streets as there is one of the foodie’s delight. This hugely popular dish consists of bread filled with a variety of thick curries containing spicy non-vegetarian fillings.



4. Pierogi, Poland:

As you arrive in Europe, make it a priority to taste special handmade dumplings Pierogi that is served all across Eastern Europe. Pierogi are prepared by beautifully shaping the dough of flour, egg, water, and salt into pouches that are then delicately filled with cheese, potatoes or meat, boiled and then fried in butter.



5. Poutine, Canada:

You will cover the world by having this luscious street food of Canada. Poutine will have crunchy, greasy fries that are amalgamated into cheese curds and gravy that is completely appetizing.