5 Best Adventure Holiday Destinations In Nepal

Going beyond Everest, there is undoubtedly lot to explore in thrilling Nepal. You will carry back not just exquisite memories back to your home, but you can pick up incomparable wardrobe accessories that you can fuse with the latest fashion trends for men and the men new style.


1.Sagarmatha National Park :

One of the best places to visit in Nepal, as Sagarmatha National Park offers you not just mountains, glaciers, and valleys but also the world’s highest peak of Mount Everest. You will have to be tough-minded to experience all that, as you will need to do trekking to reach out to this national park. If you are tougher, you can also plan to make it to the base camp of Mt. Everest, and if you are toughest, scale up the Everest itself.




2.Langtang National Park :

This is one of the best places in Nepal for hiking, as not only this place is close to nature but also far less crowded. You can camp at various sites during your journey, provided you are carrying your basic hiking toolkit and accessories. It is advised to settle the camp near the Trisuli river and Sun Koshi river. The best trekking routes are located in the Langtang Valley, Helambu and Gosaikunda Lake.




3. Siddha Gufa :

The best place to explore the bizarre in the country. Remember to visit this extraordinary place that is the largest cave in Nepal. You can also choose to trek along the route from Bandipur to see this 437m deep and about 60m high natural wonder of nature. You can also choose to trek from Bimalnagar to reach the natural cave in about 45-60 minutes.




4. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve :

This reserve is the best place for bird watching, as this is one of the rarest location in the world that boasts to have more than 500 species of birds. The smallest reserve that is located within the Terai National Park is simply the most serene and tranquil reserves in the country.


2614-4- Koshi_Tappu_Wildlife_Reserve


5. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park :

This place is the best bet to travel on a motorbike, as this forest reserve will showcase lot of things you can simply capture in your mobile. You need to note that there are very few places of accommodation in this place. If you have time you can also make a quick visit to nearby Tibetan nunnery, Nagi Gompa.