4 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton

Are you looking for a fun game to play? Undoubtedly, Badminton is the best pick. An easy game to play, Badminton is full of fun and meant for all age groups. What’s more? The physical, mental and social health benefits derived from the game are absolutely mind-blowing. Here are four reasons, why you should take up Badminton as a sport. Take a look:

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Badminton

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1. Easiest Way to Shed Some Kilos :

Tired of looking for ways to lose weight? Well, start playing Badminton from today, and you will surely lose weight quickly. An hour’s play of Badminton burns 480 calories (the maximum amongst all sports). Play it consistently, and you’ll surely shed off some kilos in a month.

Easiest Way to Shed Some Kilos

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2. Boosts Metabolic Rate :

Badminton enhances the cardiopulmonary function. Wondering what is that? In a layman’s language, it is an interrelation between the heart and lung, which makes your body accustomed to natural sweating. The toxins released via sweat makes your body light and burden free.

Boosts Metabolic Rate


3. Stimulates Reflex, Intelligence & Productivity :

Playing sports has always helped ‘Jack’ not to be ‘dull’. Practising sports makes you agile, and it also perks up your reflexes, making you more attentive.

Stimulates Reflex, Intelligence & Productivity


4. Strengthens Muscles & Maintains Physique :

Forget about all those exerting gym exercises as the game of Badminton is here at your rescue! Smash it or drop it, every shot that you play in Badminton is a toning workout. An hour’s game would suffice to cut down all the flab around your waist.

Strengthens Muscles & Maintains Physique

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So, next time you plan to catch up with a friend, choose ‘a lot can happen over a game of badminton’ than ‘a lot can happen over a cup of coffee’. It will help you release your stress by burning calories rather than consuming some.