4 Reasons Why Trash Talking Is The Best Way To Support Your Favourite T20 Team

Sledging or trash talking is synonymous with the game of cricket. In simple words, it is known as verbally abusing or intimidating the opposing team to bring down their morale or cause them to make mistakes and under perform.


Image Courtesy: www.im.rediff.com
Image Courtesy: www.im.rediff.com


When it comes to fans blasting the opposition side, they also do a pretty good job about it through trash talking. It certainly grabs more eyeballs and that also faster. And although trash talking can get the person in trouble, it’s fun if done the right way.

Here’s why trash talking has its own perks, especially during T20:


1. It Boosts Your Faith In The Team:

Words tend to make a powerful impact on the person. The more you bad mouth the other team, the more your confidence in your team’s performance improves. Speaking up is a great way to give yourself a feeling of assurance that your team will win!




2. It’s More Entertaining:

Trash talking is supposed to be fun and harmless. And as long as you are being respectful towards the people and not really being too volatile or wild, it is fine. Trash talking can be very entertaining.


Image Courtesy: www.i0.wp.comw=460
Image Courtesy: www.i0.wp.comw=460

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Why Is HE Scream Squad The Way Forward?

3. It Shows How Passionate You Are:

HE Scream Squad gives an amazing visual platform for enthusiasts like you to come forward and form a team to trash talk or sledge the opposing teams. If you are really passionate about your team, the aggressiveness will show through your words.


Image Courtesy: www.boxofficebull.com
Image Courtesy: www.boxofficebull.com


4. It’s Cricket!:

Wouldn’t you do anything for the love of cricket? Plus, Rannvijay Singh and Raghu Ram of the “MTV Roadies” fame, along with TV Host Archana Vijaya, are going to select the winner from the entries. So you better be really good!



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Everyone loves a little spice. And trash talking mixed with cricket make the perfect recipe for good, entertaining times in this sport. So go ahead. Register your own Scream Squad at hescreamsquad.com to enter the sledging championship.

May the best team win!