4 Highest Paid Jobs In India

You might know everything about the men’s latest fashion and men’s new fashion trends but if you are in the wrong profession, then you really need to build on the skill sets and experience immediately.

1. Corporate Management professionals:

This profession currently has the maximum scope in India, a lot of businesses (Indian and multinationals) are in the expansion mode. With the exceptional growth rate, private businesses are booming and are growing both horizontally and vertically. There is a shortage of skilled, experienced and trustworthy people in the Indian market. While a lot of B schools are churning out management professionals but the quality of the education seems to be a big concern in the industry.



2. Corporate Investment professionals:

These are the new breed of finance professionals that have emerged in India, mainly due to the influx of multinationals and opening up of the economy. As budding entrepreneurs and businessmen want to raise capital from VCs (venture capitalists), Institutional Investors and financial markets, they need set of people who could manage this without their personal involvement.



3. Finance Professionals:

The age-old Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and CFAs are still very much required across the spectrum of industries not only in India but in every developing and developed economies. These professionals are needed both in public and private sector jobs to manage financial operations within a company.



4. Medical Professionals:

As the resources are getting meager, the lifestyle-related diseases are increasing, as a result, the need for well qualified and experienced medical professionals are increasing. Although India in past had suffered a lot due to the ‘brain drain’ but things are now changing back to reverse direction – as medical professionals are flocking back to India after suffering backlashes and experiencing incomprehensible cultures in foreign countries.