4 Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs So Far In 2018

Scientific breakthroughs across the globe are making human lives convenient than ever before, right from robotics to astronomy and medicine, innovative discoveries are an inspiring testament to the profound capabilities of the human mind. Let us give a pause to new fashion style for men and the latest men fashion trends and check out the 3 greatest scientific breakthroughs so far in 2018.

1. Closer to Neutrino’s origin :

Some discoveries can change the very fundamentals of science. Neutrinos are one of them, these subatomic, nearly massless particles with no charge can reveal not only about the Universe’s origin but can also help to create new essentials of science. On July 12, 2018, scientists have published a research in which they have appeared to cracked about the exact source of a neutrino. These tiny particles neither crash into any object nor interact with other particles, they just pass through, in one second nearly one hundred trillion neutrinos pass through our body!



2. Control is now possible :

According to researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle as announced in March 2018, that they have finally created the much-awaited male birth control pills or dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU), that will supposedly contain “hormones” – to overpower the sperm production. According to the available reports, the pill will be recommended to be taken once a day and has minimal side effects.



3. Organic components found on Mars :

The verdict is out; the researchers have found an assortment of organic molecules on the surface of Mars. There are all logical reasons to believe that these components were formed by the biological processes. According to the lead researcher at the Jet Propulsion Lab, “We cannot rule out the possibility that it was created biologically…We can’t say that it was, but we’re certainly not dropping the idea. So, in a sense, that’s positive for the astrobiologists in the world.”



4. Vegetables are grown in Antarctica :

In April 2018, finally it was proven by the scientists on how to grow vegetables without the help of earth or the daylight. German researchers who are working from the Neumayer Station III in Antarctica announced that they have successfully grown salad greens including radish, carrot, and cucumber in a digital greenhouse. The results could help the space travelers, astrobiologist and astronauts to cultivate crops on the planets like Mars.