4 Best Indoor Sports for Men

Playing sports is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. However, sometimes, playing an outdoor sport is not a conducive option, blame the weather or just your lazy friends. So, here we are with our top indoor sports picks! There are plenty of benefits of playing an indoor sport, and the best is the comfort. You don’t have to cancel or postpone due to rains or too much sun, just continue playing your favourite game all-year round. So, here are some excellent indoor sports for men that are a perfect mix of comfort and fun.

4 Best Indoor Sports for Men


1. Badminton :

A game that brings back so many childhood memories, badminton is a fun and easy game that is popular among people of all ages. You can play it out on the street or an indoor court. Just an hour of playing badminton burns around 480 calories! The sport uses almost every muscle in the body and is the best way to cut down belly fat, which is one of the major reasons men exercise. Practicing this sport makes the body more agile and alert as you run up and down the court. Overall, it is a great sport to stay fit.


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2. Basketball :

Playing basketball indoors is a perfect rainy day activity and an excellent alternative to outdoor exercise for men. It is a sport that is enjoyed by men of all ages. This fast paced game burns more calories than any other sport in its league. It also helps build endurance, enhance hand-eye coordination, balance and tone muscles. So, the next time you want to vent out your stress and lose weight, indulge in a game of basketball with your friends!


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3. Bowling :

Bowling is a super fun game and is perfect for men of every age. Indulging in a game of bowling is more than just losing weight or staying fit. It improves your social life as you meet more people and get to spend time with old friends. Bowling is a great indoor sport that helps relieve stress, which in turn leads to a happy and healthy heart. This physical game also improves hand eye coordination, as you swing the ball and focus on the pins. An ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family and friends!


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4. Snooker :

A refreshing and casual way to hang out with friends, playing snooker has many hidden benefits. The game requires lots of focus and provides a sense of accomplishment when the cue ball hits the target. It sharpens the mind as you calculate the angle of the ball you aim for and improves hand eye coordination. A fun game for people of all ages, snooker is a real hit when it comes to picking indoor games.


Indoor sports solve all the problems that are inherent in outdoor sports. These are some great options to spend leisure time indoors instead of watching TV and whiling away your time. These sports have immense health benefits and also aid in improving social and cognitive aspects of the mind.