3 Money Investment Options For Secured Future

The best peace of mind you will experience is not only by achieving best physique, adoring best hairstyle for men in India or following new trend in fashion for men but by having secured your money into the options that will automatically grow and shall give you year-on-year returns! Yes, there are some basic investment opportunities that everyone should invest as soon as you start earning. These investment options help you to secure your future as you are ready for any unforeseen eventualities. Irrespective of the market fluctuations, conditions such as war, downturn or disasters, you should be ready to resurrect everything from scratch once again. To do that you will essentially need the power of money on immediate basis, that was the essential reasons why our forefathers restored to gold, as an investment options. They knew nothing more than gold, perhaps there was no other better options available that were better than the yellow metal. Fast forward yourself into your current scenario where you have multitudes of available options and opportunities that not only keep you safe in your lifetime but also ensures your family also fulfills aspirations after you travel to another world.

1. Start using an e-wallet :

The e-generation has arrived, the e-wallet gets you cash back and it is safer than online usage. As e-wallets are expected to play a greater role in near future, you should start using these for discounts, cashbacks and other incentives. Try out with players such as Paytm, PayU and Mobikwik that are already offering significant cashbacks.



2. Direct Plans into Mutual Funds :

You will make significant gains from direct plans of mutual funds since lower charges translate to higher returns! Although the returns are more visible for equity funds, debt funds, the expense ratio of regular plans is not too high, so the difference is actually lower! In three years the average large cap diversified fund has given 15.39% annualized returns, but the average direct plan has given average direct plan has given 16.42%. Go Direct.

mutual fund


3. Build Cash Buffer :

You should be ready with cash to grab bargains, build up a cash buffer. You might not be able to take advantage of the market offers if you do not have surplus cash to invest with. So, it is a wise idea to start building a buffer of cash to use with when the markets go down all of a sudden. It will give you opportunity to buy cheap and sell high!

cah buffer