3 Group Stage Matches Not-To-Be Missed At Fifa World Cup 2018

As the players have arrived in Russia for the group match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup, every soccer fan is eagerly anticipating the interplay between the qualified national teams on the grounds. Let us freeze the new fashion trends for men and new fashion style for men as the men in their national Jersey’s arrive for the group matches. We present you the 3 most awaited group matches that you should not miss to watch at 2018 FIFA World Cup.

1. France vs. Australia, Group C on June 16, 2018:

One of the most interesting match, wherein the hungry “Les Blues”, who won the last World Cup in 1998 will be fighting out with the “Socceroos”, one of the best teams in Asia. Although Australians have participated in just 5 World Cups, they hold the world record for winning with the “largest score in one match” and “most goals” scored by a player in one international match. They had achieved this ultimate record against American Samoa in 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifiers and had won by 31–0 wherein the Australian player Archie Thompson scored 13 goals! We should not forget the performance of French national team in their 15th FIFA World Cup qualifiers for 2018, where they stay unbeaten and topped in their group!



2. Germany vs. Mexico, Group F on June 17, 2018:

The performance of the defending team will be gauged by this crucial match with Mexico. If Germans have to make history and emerge as the only team to win the world cup back-to-back, then the margin of the score would matter. Mexico national team is all set to upset the defending champions as they among the only 3 nations (other two are Brazil and Germany) who have successfully managed to clear the group stage in the last six World Cups! Moreover, for Mexicans, this is their 16th appearance in the World Cup, having been qualified uninterruptedly since the year 1994.



3. England vs. Belgium, Group G on June 28, 2018:

It is “must-watch” match of the 2018 World Cup as the two oldest football team in the world compete against each other. While English team played the world’s first international football match way back in 1872 and later lifted the world cup way back in the year 1966. Belgium played their first match in 1904 in “The Évence Coppée Trophy”, a single-game tournament of the association football. Interestingly, the first Belgium A-team in 1901 had fielded four Englishmen and was hence the game’s recognition was refused by FIFA!