Why You Must Always Keep A Deo Handy

You know summers are here when you start noticing sweat patches on your or someone else’s clothing. It’s a fact that sweating and summers go hand in hand. While sweating supports proper immune function and detoxifies the body, it produces a pungent odour after it has completely dried off. Since men sweat more than women, they are more prone to emanating BO.




Here’s why we think you must keep a deo handy during the sweltering weather:


1. To Avoid Awkward Situations At Work:

You spend a considerable number of hours at work. This means you are, in some way or the other, around people all the time. And if you have body odour, you are actually making your colleagues and boss uncomfortable and even nauseated. That is why sprinkling deodorant once in 3-4 hours on yourself will keep you fresh.



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2. Your Partner Will Be Disgusted By You:

What about the moment when you are trying to get intimate with your partner and you smell like a basket of rotten eggs? She will immediately push you away. BO is a big turn off and to avoid such a situation, you need to be aware about it yourself. If you are not, then you will be soon single!




3. Do You Use The Public Transport?:

If you do, then you know it is. Travelling with random people who are sweating and smelly. By the time you get off the bus or train, you yourself are not in such a pleasant condition. Your whole body is sticky, hands are dirty and there are drops of sweat trickling down your face. There’s no harm in using a deo (such as HE deodarant) as soon as you get off the transport vehicle.



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4. Because BO Is Unhealthy:

BO shows that there is bacteria in your armpits and back. This is the reason why it emanates a unpleasant smell. Using a deo every now and then to keep the bad smell away is effective but many people often don’t pay attention to it. They tend to forget about personal hygiene as soon as they leave the house.




A deodorant’s use is not restricted to just at home. You should use it frequently throughout the day. It’s not unhealthy if you use it in decent quantities. So go ahead, pick your favourite deo and smell fresh always.