Try the traditional barber this season

Aren’t you tired of the unisex salons that reek of chemicals and mousses that are used to give you a ‘different’ look? It’s downright impossible to not feel out of place in a salon where 90% of the clients and staff are females.

So, it’s time to turn back all over again to those manly barber shops that you visited with your dad in your hometown. Here is why the authentic form of shaving is better than these topical salons:

Try the traditional barber this season

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1. Traditional shave lasts longer :

The closeness with which the traditional barber shaves off your facial hair with the best shaving cream for men is unbeatable! Hence, with hair removed from its roots, your face looks way too smooth while your stubble mileage increases. Modern salons use best men’s electric shavers which no matter how expensive or competitive are, cannot give you the same shave.

Traditional shave lasts longer

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2. Traditional barbers are pocket-friendly :

Needless to mention, old-school barber shops don’t leave a hole in your pocket with their bank-breaking bills and taxes. These modish salons, even after their umpteen discounts and packages, can leave you wondering whether you can afford a shave in the next few months or not!

Traditional barbers are pocket-friendly


3. Wet shaving is always a great experience! :

Lukewarm water, a soft, tingling badger brush, a vintage razor and a scented shaving cream- these grooming products make the traditional shaving an unmatched experience! Wet shaving not only gives you better results but also a more comfortable shaving experience. In contrast, contemporary shaving can never make you feel so much at ease.

Wet shaving is always a great experience!

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4. Traditional shaving ensures better skin :

Traditional shaving blade exfoliates the top layer of your skin by removing layers of skin cells. Hence, all the dead flakes are shed out, and the sunburn waived off. This benefit is not achievable with contemporary electric shavers in the unisex salons, as they only play with the strands pointing out of your skin layer.

Traditional shaving ensures better skin

So, it’s time to adopt some of your old man’s habits! Stop cribbing over the ‘lack of time’; it’s time to feel manly!