Struggles Of Men Who Can’t Grow a Beard

Not all men are blessed with a complete beard, and many have trouble growing it beyond a certain patchy limit. The inability to grow a beard however is mostly genetic, and actually very rare. You may be just doing the wrong things, and being impatient. Here are some things you can do to boost beard growth and learn how to groom your beard well:




1. Help Your Beard Grow:

You need healthier habits to grow a better beard. Taking a diet rich in protein will help. Stress is a leading cause for hair loss, so try to avoid stress and get your required amount of sleep. Avoid smoking, as it cuts off blood circulation.



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2. Ignore The Itch:

After a two weeks or so of patiently growing your beard, you will start feeling itchy, as your beard will be coarse and start collecting dust. This is not a skin rash, or anything to worry about, you just need to weather out your itch for a while and your beard will get softer eventually. You can use the best men’s face lotion to help alleviate the itch.



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3. Fill In The Blanks:

So if your beard game is not strong, then when you’re actually really trying to grow one, you may have patches in it. There are sprays, which are beard fillers, and you can use it to fill the patchy bits. Just be sure not to overdo it, and pick the exact shade of your beard.



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4. Keep Your Beard Healthy:

Once you’ve managed to grow a decent amount of facial hair, then take care of it, otherwise you’ll need to shave off and start again. Trim it regularly, and use some tonics or oils to moisturize it. There are a lot of grooming products available. Castor oil is great to keep your beard soft and supple. You can apply it before bed, and wipe it off with a hot towel.



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Chances that you can’t grow a beard at all are very rare, you are just probably growing it wrong and not grooming it well. But from today just implement these simple tips and you will be soon able to grow a beard.