Steps To Make Sure Your Skin Doesn’t Get Dry This Winter

The weather outside is definitely gorgeous. It is a bit chilly and it brings with it gusts of wind that make you feel wonderful but dry out your skin to the maximum! No matter how many grooming products you apply to keep your skin well-oiled and nourished, it does end up getting flaky, cracked,or dry.




So is there any specific skin regime you must follow in this extreme weather condition? Yes, you should. Here are five ways to protect your skin from winter dryness:


1. Moisturize At Least Thrice a Day:

We know applying moisturizer is a task but it gives good results, especially during winters. Make sure you apply a dense layer of moisturizer on your skin-in regular intervals-right after taking a shower, once in the middle of the day and then before hitting the sack. Any best lotion for men with shea butter or jojoba oil works best!



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2. Massage With Mustard Oil:

You don’t have to do this every day; twice or thrice a week will suffice. Massaging with mustard oil will not only provide relief to your muscles and bones in the chilly weather but also keep the skin well oiled. Heat the oil for 30 seconds for good results.



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3. Bathe With Lukewarm Water:

Piping hot water deprives the skin off its essential oils. This, in turn, will leave your skin flaky and dry. Therefore, it is important to shower with water that is not exceedingly hot and doesn’t burn your skin.




4. When Outdoors, Cover Your Skin:

In order to retain the essential oils of your skin, please cover yourself up with jackets, stoles and other warm menswear. Protect your skin from the extreme weather conditions, wherever possible. So, bundle up. Stay comfortable and snuggly.




5. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Yes, the key to glowing and healthy skin is to drink lots of water.Go easy on consuming beverages rich in caffeine. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.



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6. Avoid Heating Appliances:

Heaters and blowers may seem like your best friends during winters. But do you know that these appliances weaken the water retention of the body, thereby making the skin dry and cracked?Hence, use these appliances in moderation.




Enjoying the winter chill is something everyone looks forward to every year. Hence, make the most of it. Indulge in a hot mug of chocolate milk and other winter delights, but don’t ignore your skin regime during this season.