Simple Tips To Look Good Everyday

Who loves to dress shabbily to work or on a date? No one! Most people often take up “being themselves” and “looking shoddy” as the same thing. It is not. In order to survive and succeed in every step of life, it is important to maintain a healthy and smart physical disposition.




Whether it is about maintaining a healthy diet plan or letting out your “gym freak” you have to work hard to live well and look fresh. If you haven’t been doing anything to ensure this, perhaps now is the time to start.

Here’s how you can look good always:


1. Wear Suits:

It is true that ill-fitting buttoned-down shirts and loose trousers provide much-needed comfort during long office hours but they also make you look a little too laid back. This can hamper your chances to proceed further in career. So suit up! Start wearing fitting clothes to look authoritative and confident.



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2. Smell Good:

Wearing a deodorant never hurt no one! And, it won’t hurt you too. Even though it doesn’t have much to do with the way you look, it surely affects how you are perceived by others and that notion can be rather “smelly” and “shabby”! If you are not able to pick one, try HE Deodorant for long-lasting fragrance.




3. Wash Your Face & Shave:

Get rid of unnecessary or unsightly hair. The worst is patchy facial hair. Shave your face at least once in two days. Look clean and immaculate. A face like that never fails to make an impression personally and professionally.



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4. Moisturize Lips:

Have chapped lips, but are too lazy to do anything about them? Don’t be! Apply lip balm once before going to bed to keep your lips soft and smooth. Chapped lips automatically bring down the freshness level of the face. Trust us, that is not good!




5. Sleep Better:

A good night’s sleep is important for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. It keeps your mind fresh, reduces mood swings and keeps dark circles at bay. Looking happy and healthy is all everyone needs in this time and age.



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6. Drink Water:

Keep yourself hydrated at all times. There’s nothing better than drinking 7-8 litres of water everyday for a glowing skin. It also puts an end to black pores and oiliness!




Looking good is not a difficult task. You just have to take small, conscious steps to make sure you are at the top of your game as far as your well being is concerned. Did we miss any points? Let us know!