Should Men Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut?

While choosing a saloon is pretty easy, choosing a right hair stylist is difficult. You may go to the best of the barbers but the is he or she the right hair stylist for you? Whether to wash your hairs prior to styling depends on what kind of treatment you want to have at the saloon.

1. Scenario 1 :

Current fashion trends for men dictates you have a stylish haircut that can enhance your appearance with your choicest clothing line. If you want to color your hair, add streaks or just give yourself a new look by undergoing any treatment of hair, it is recommended to wash your hairs prior to a haircut at saloon.

Scenario 1


2. Scenario 2 :

Picking the best from the latest hairstyles for men in India is an herculean task, a typical Indian barber won’t be able to advice correctly, choose an expert hairstylist that can add a ‘statement’ through your hair style. If you just prefer to trim your hair, it is better to wash and dry your hairs after an hair-cut. Do the washing and drying of hairs at the saloon itself, to get the actual feel of your looks after your hairstyle.

Scenario 2


3. Scenario 3 :

If you daily oil your hair, then there are chances that your hair is loaded with dust and pollutants. If you want to color your hair, then it is advised to wash your hair and then visit a saloon for a genteel haircut or to load a style that is tuned to the latest fashion for men.

Scenario 3