Planning to grow your hair long? Be ready for these challenges

Long hair looks great on people irrespective of the sex. Today’s men are developing fondness for long hair.However, it is wise to remember that the path to long hair is not laid with roses. Here are a few challenges you will face when letting your beautiful hair grow.


Planning to grow your hair long Be ready for these challenges


1. Be ready for name calling:

You’ll be called a ‘girl’ or mistaken for one, on more than one occasion. Also, be ready for the mocking by your friends; many would offer money for your haircut. But they are just jealous of your hair.


Be ready for name calling

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2. Hairstyle Problems:

You’ll be making a tough decision every morning regarding what hair style to go for. Pony tail, lose hair and bun. Some hair style all look great in movies, but not so much in real life.


Hairstyle Problems


3. Going to office or interviews:

Be ready to explain the story of ‘why the long hair’ to everyone. It will get awkward to go for job interviews, meetings or even office. Long hair makes it a bit difficult for people to take you seriously; people automatically assume you to be a hippie. But what the heck, ultimately you’ll be the one with coolest hair in your office.


Going to office or interviews

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4. When are you getting your hair cut?

Not to forget, be ready to answer this question to every relative, friend and almost everyone; ‘When are you getting a haircut?’No matter how sexy you look in the new avatar, people will always say, ‘You looked better in short hair.’


When are you getting your hair cut

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No matter what people say, long hair suit various face shapes and you should definitely try it out. Your life, your rules; just take care of your hair and you are good to go.