Minimal Facial Hair Styles That You Can Try

These days everyone knows a pogonophile, and even if you aren’t a beard lover you can’t help but admire the creative styles for beards this season. If you are tired of living the #noshavelife we have a breather for you! The time to simply dangle your stubble aimlessly is over; all you need is a little inspiration for that glorious stylish

Minimal Facial Hair Styles That You Can Try


1. Soul Patch :

The soul patch is the easiest style you can sport without the hassle of growing a full beard. It is nothing more than a patch of hair from your bottom lip to chin, with any shape you want to give. Easy, low maintenance and quite attractive, the soul patch is a must try for those lazy peeps.

Soul Patch

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2. Chinstrap :

With or without a mustache the chinstrap is a look that makes a lasting impression. Boys with patchy beard hair can swear by this style because you can easily sculpt around the problem areas. Keep it trimmed for a neat, mess-free look.


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3. Goatee with a Chinstrap :

If you are up for a challenge and have the time to keep up the regular beard trimming, the goatee with a neat chinstrap is a very fashionable mix. You don’t require growing a voluminous beard to look charmingly casual.

Goatee with a Chinstrap

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4. Chin Puff :

A very fun style to sport, the chin puff is a little patch of hair under the chin. This look, however, is not easy and will not save you any time; you will have to shave as usual to maintain the appeal of the puff.

Chin Puff

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