Is Onion Juice a good remedy for all your Hair Troubles?

Onion juice! The smell may make you go Eww! But the after effects are simply wow! Receding hairline and bald patches are a complete turn off. While hair transplant may not suit everyone’s pocket, onion juice does the work for you in minimal cost. But there’s much more to this mineral-rich home remedy than the pungent smell. Check out why onion rules the hair care segment of top 10 Indian Fashion Blogs:

Is Onion Juice a good remedy for all your Hair Troubles


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1. Onion boosts hair growth and re-growth :

If you havefear baldness, grab 2 onions, grind them and sieve the juice. Apply this directly on your scalp religiously every alternate day until you find your bald patches covering up. You’ll be amazed at how this sulfur-rich extract shows its magic!

Onion boosts hair growth and re-growth


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2. Bye-bye hairfall! :

One thing women totally detest is men who ‘leave their mark behind’ in the form of falling hair! Onion juice will help you tame that too. And don’t worry about the smell. Your shampoo will wash that off in just one application.

Bye-bye hairfall!


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3. Shove off that dandruff with onion juice :

Have you been avoiding that black blazer just so that the dandruff doesn’t show up on your shoulders? Well, it’s time to take it out. Onion juice, in merely 5-6 applications will ward off these white flakes once and for all! No wonder onion juice is hitting the charts in men’s fashion world.

Shove off that dandruff with onion juice

4. Frizzy hair? Try onion juice with honey :

Bored of using gel and oil to control frizz? Try equal parts honey and onion juice from scalp roots to tips. Your hair will be silky smooth without any help from the ‘wax community’.


So stop hating onion juice for its foul smell. Its antibacterial properties are gaining limelight in men’s fashion blogs for all the right reasons!