Importance of Using an After Shave Lotion and Balm

Applying aftershave lotion and balm is more like a ritual once you are done shaving, isn’t it? You may use the two grooming products as a part of the shaving process and of course, for aromatic purposes, but the truth is that an after shave lotion and balm are quite important for more reasons than you can even imagine. Here’s why-




1. Offers Relief:

Does your skin get rough once you are done shaving even though you use the best shaving cream for men? Well, an aftershave lotion not only provides relief to the skin from razor burns or cuts but also heals and soothes the skin. An aftershave lotion, in short, acts as an antiseptic for minor bruises on the face.



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2. Cleans Skin:

Have acne or too many blocked pores on the skin? Don’t worry, an after shave lotion will keep your skin clean and fresh by opening up those pores. Say ‘bye-bye’ to dark spots on your skin!


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3. Immaculate Look:

A typical after-shave lotion and balm leaves you smelling fragrant. Their application makes the skin appear smooth and fresh. This is the biggest reason why they make for an effective skin product. Look good and smell nice-what more do you want?



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4. Provides Nourishment:

Since you remove the dead cells and expose a softer layer of skin post shaving, it is important to splash a bit of aftershave lotion across your face to tighten the skin. A balm, on the other hand, moisturizes the skin.



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Let us take a look at different types of aftershaves for different skin tones:


1. Normal Skin:

Stick to non-alcohol based aftershaves for best results. Anything with Aloe Vera would do wonders for your skin!


2. Oily Skin:

Stay away from balms as they are thick. Go for a splash of any aftershave accompanied with a light moisturizer.



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3. Dry Skin:

Applying an aftershave balm will do well for your skin as it will keep the cracks and pores well moisturized.



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4. Sensitive Skin:

Go for an aftershave product that’s alcohol-free.



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Just a neat shave is not enough to look sharp. You need to use one the best aftershave lotions for men and balm to make your skin look smooth and clean, and also fight potential skin infections.