Hair care products you can replace your chemical based shampoo with

Dear men, while women out there are trying out new, expensive synthetic products for their hair, it’s time to give them tough competition by going completely organic and adapting the ‘no-poo’ method. Say goodbye to artificial and expensive hair grooming products and switch to natural and healthy products available in your home.



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1. Yoghurt:

Wondering how to groom hair and say goodbye to bad hair days? You could try washing your hair with yoghurt for a smooth texture. Yoghurt is rich in vitamins and has a high level of lactic acid that proves beneficial for the treatment of dull and damaged hair. Right from getting rid of dandruff to taming frizzy hair, adding shine and reducing hair fall, yoghurt does it all.


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2. Baking Soda:

If you like your hair squeaky clean, you should include baking soda in your hair care routine. All you need to do is dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water and you are ready with the magic potion. Apply it to your wet hair and wash it straight out. However, you should do this only once in ten to fifteen days. Applying it daily might damage your hair beyond repair.



3. Egg:

Eggs can be used for preventing hair fall, moisturizing, conditioning and strengthening hair.Egg yolk seeps right into the hair follicles and leaves the hair soft, clean and shiny. A whole egg whisked properly, massaged and rinsed after a few minutes with cold water will help you tame those dreadlocks and solve your hair problems.



4. Tea:

It might sound strange, but you can actually use tea as a hair product. To get the most out of tea, you will have to massage it properly into your scalp. It will leave your smooth, shiny and soft.In addition, your hair will also smell good too due to its warm aroma.



5. Water:

Don’t rub your eyes, you read that right. Give water a try; it is definitely the best.The focus here is on minimalistic hair-care routine. Nothing can be a better chemical-free cleanser than pure water. You can wash your hair with plain water every day without having to worry about its harmful after-effects because there are none.


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Shampoos are only a thing of today. History tells us that men in ancient times flaunted hair that even women were envious of.It is time to go all natural and get hair that not only look great but feel the same.