Grooming essentials for men who travel a lot

3 tees, a pair of jeans, sunglasses, wallet, a pair of socks and you are all set for a 3-day trip, isn’t it? What about your skin? Amidst the dust, pollution, stress you can’t leave your skin on its own! After all you don’t want to look tired and frustrated in all the pictures, do you? We are not saying that you should carry a make- up kit, just carry a few grooming essentials.

Here is the list of 5 grooming essentials you need to carry while travelling:

1. Face Wash:

As simple and lame as it sounds, it is the most basic and important item in your travel grooming kit. We know guys usually don’t carry a face wash but using any soap will harm your skin in a long run. Use it twice a day and your skin won’t suffer the itchiness and drying out effects of travel.




2. Electric Shaver:

Too lazy to pack an entire shaving kit? Try electric shaver, it gives a smooth shave so there’s no need to pack a razor, after shave gel, trimmer, etc which means it will save a lot of space in your luggage especially if you have to share it with someone.




3. Cologne/Deodorant:

Smell is an integral part of grooming. How you smell determines what kind of a person you are. Always carry a cologne or perfume or deodorant while travelling. Nobody wants to spend time with a stinky mess. For men who like deodorants that leave an impression, try the amazing HE deodorant and see the difference!




4. Moisturizer:

Moisturize regularly to keep your skin nourished. Dry skin not only makes your skin itch but also leaves a bad impression on others. You surely don’t want to scratch in front of people around you. And it’s a big turn –off for girls!




5. Powder for your feet:

Apply powder on your feet right after you towel –dry them and wear socks immediately to lock it there. The powder will absorb the moisture leaving your feet dry.


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Travelling brings with it some unique challenges for the skin. Keep all these products handy; take care of your skin and your skin will thank you for it!