Get that Mom Approved Beard Style for Durga Pooja

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep a beard then many a time you must have heard your family complain how inappropriate and messy you look when your beard gets overgrown. Want to keep a beard and still look presentable for all occasions and also a part of the latest fashion trend? Then here are some beard styles for you that even your mom would approve of:




1. Light Stubble:

A light stubble doesn’t offend anyone. It shouldn’t look like you forgot to shave, so keep it a tad more than a 5 o’ clock shadow. Trimming it every 3 days should do the trick. It looks manly enough and goes down well in different social settings too.




2. Neat Goatee:

A nicely trimmed goatee looks very elegant and neat. You can accompany it with a handlebar moustachein a Van Dyke style or you can keep just the goatee. If maintained properly, it makes you look very well groomed and suave. This style always finds mention in top fashion blogs.



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3. Full Trimmed Beard:

If you’re a fan of keeping a fuller beard instead of walking around with the light stubble then you need to make sure it’s neatly trimmed and groomed. You can’t have it growing haywire and it can’t be too long. Keep it just long enough so that it doesn’t show any skin in between, and trim it weekly.



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4. Soul Patch:

One of the most minimalistic styles of beards, a soul patch is quite popular, especially if you have a bit of a hippie in you. It’s just an innocuous little patch of hair below your lower lip and is probably the neatest and most minimal way to maintain facial hair, to keep up with the latest hippie fashion.



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Aren’t these beard ideas stylish as well as neat? So go ahead, grow and style that beard of yours without worrying about disapproving looks from your mother, while keeping up with the latest mens fashion!