Get Scrubbing And Unearth That Underlying Shine

A lot has been written about the importance of applying sunscreen, but there’s another product that is equally vital for a skincare regimen. Face scrub. And it’s especially beneficial for men’s skin. Caught your attention now, didn’t we? Read on to find out all that this simple invention can do to your skin.

1. Exfoliation:

The basic job of a face scrub is to exfoliate. For those who came in late… exfoliation is the process of getting your skin rid of dead cells from its surface. It involves rubbing your face with an abrasive cleansing agent to do away with dirt and grime that settles on the skin over a period and time, thus causing it to look dull and lifeless. You can use a face wash that has milk exfoliating particles in it, on a daily basis. But if you want a deeper cleanse, go for an almond-based face scrub and use it about two or three times a month.




2. Shave Shine:

The reason we stressed that a face scrub is especially recommended for men, is because men shave their faces. A scrub action before a shave will help free trapped hair from the skin, thus preventing the sight of ugly in growths after you’ve shaved. Another major irritant during shaving is your razor being blocked with dead skin particles as it obstructs from a smooth shave. Scrubbing beforehand will prep up the facial skin for a smooth ride ahead.




3. Boon for Dry Skin:

The worst part about dry skin? Flaky exterior that makes the skin look like it’s all ready to crumple up into a million pieces and fall right off. A face scrub helps buff away these flakes, leaving behind a smooth layer to pamper. Dab on a generous layer of moisturiser after clearing away the flakes and massage it into your thirsty skin till it completely soaks it up. Also, apply BoroPlus Total Results moisturiser on your hands and legs and see the difference!




4. How to Use:

Reading about the multiple benefits of a face scrub just might tempt you to use some every day. We don’t blame you. But using a face scrub on a daily basis will only end up harming your skin more than doing any good for it. Exfoliation is a pretty harsh process and has to be done only when there is enough grime on your skin, waiting to be cleared out. Otherwise, the scrub will attack your fresh skin layers and cause you to have rashes, making your skin extremely sensitive. Use it every 10 days or every fortnight and follow up with a moisturiser to set the deal.




Now that you are privy to the best-kept secret to glowing skin, make good use of it and impress those chicks already!