Flossing Your Teeth Right

It’s a fact: Flossing is as important as brushing teeth. It helps in removing food particles and plaque from places a toothbrush, frankly speaking, can’t easily reach. Whether it is under the gum-line or right between your teeth, the floss thread covers all areas.




Flossing regularly is highly recommended because it prevents tooth decay and gum diseases. Keeping this thought in mind, let us look at different flossing techniques& tips:


1. Use 18 Inches Of Floss:

That’s the minimum length you must use to floss your teeth. Wind most of the thread around your middle finger and use the remaining 1-2 inch to floss.



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2. Slide It Up & Down:

Hold your dental floss gently yet firmly between your index fingers and thumb to move the floss between your teeth.




3. Always Start Fresh:

Use the cleaner section of the flossing thread when you move from one tooth to another. Also, when you are done flossing, remove it gently to avoid injuring the gums.



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Dental floss is available in the market in a number of varieties. Read on:

1. Flavoured Wax:

Mostly available in cinnamon or mint, waxed dental floss will leave your mouth fresher and in good taste after a flossing session—and that’s good for you! Also, flavoured wax doesn’t carry any calories, contrary to popular belief!




2. Fine Floss:

Also known by “tape” or “ribbon”, this flossing thread is wider and covers a large part of the tooth. In short, it does a better job in cleaning the teeth. It’s easier to hold and less likely to injure your gums!



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3. Floss Picks:

These pre-threaded picks are like disposable tooth picks, only much thinner in width. These picks can help you reach the back corners of your mouth. Since you need just one hand to floss with floss picks, it is easier to floss on-the-fly.




So, yes! A simple piece of thread can do wonders to your pearly whites, if used in the right way! Flossing is indeed a powerful tool that can help you prevent cavities, reduce bad breath and by and large, give your dental health a big boost!