Care for Your Beard, It’s Too Attached To You

It is true that a clean shaven look will land you practically everything, but who can resist King Leonidas’ charm when he screams ‘THIS IS SPARTAAAAA’, am I right?

To maintain a beard is no easy task. Yes, your face will be itchy at first but resist all temptation and moisturize it with a facial moisturizer. If you already have a beard then congratulations! You just need to show some care. Follow the rules.

1. It’s a great idea to wipe your beard after every meal, because food residue is going to leave some gunk.

2. Apply a bit of coconut oil to the beard before shaving so your beard remains soft.

3. Use a good beard shampoo or a gentle cleansing shampoo. After washing the beard thoroughly with warm water, slather some gentle conditioner or use leave-in conditioners.




4. Do not use a hair dryer, instead gently pat your beard dry with a towel.

5. Proper sleep and drinking lots of water are the best ways to follow a healthy lifestyle and to grow a healthy beard.

6. Use a scissor to trim your beard. First, wash your beard and dry it thoroughly. You can use a hair dry to dry the damp hair. Next take a beard comb, and comb your facial downwards till its straight. The scissors that you choose should be the barber’s scissor do not use the one used in the kitchen. Start trimming off small amounts of hair which stick out at the end of the teeth of the comb. Trim lesser amounts of hair so you can go back and trim it further, else it will be impossible to undo the damage if excess hair is trimmed.




7. A beard trimmer should be your next buy if you are not comfortable with scissors. With companies like Philips, Braun, Remington launching models every few months, you do tend to get confused. Here are a few tips-

a. The most important point to consider is to choose good trimmers with long life and easily replaceable blades is. They don’t rust and can easily be washed with water.

b. Ease of carrying – Bulky trimmer becomes a pain if you travel frequently.




c. Attachments – The ease with which you can change the extensions matters when you are getting late for a date. Also, the types of attachments should be important.

8. Once you are done trimming or shaving your facial hair is completely dry, take a few drops of beard oil and work it on your beard. This will help condition and smoothen your hair and restore the natural oils which got lost during all the washing and drying.