Are You Suffering From Dandruff?

Every man at some point of time has surreptitiously glanced at the shoulder of his impeccable suit and flinched at the white specks on it. While some have laughed it off as a “seasonal thing”, others have rightfully identified it as a serious scalp condition that can spiral into a major issue if left untreated.


Are you suffering from dandruff
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What Exactly Is Dandruff?:

In the scalp, a constant process of life and death goes on and there is a concentration of dead cells that are naturally shed off by the scalp. Sometimes the production of dead cells is excessive and they form clumps which fall off from the head in the form of visible white flakes. These flakes are known as dandruff.


What exactly is dandruff
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Science Behind Dandruff:

Dandruff is caused by yeast buildup around the base of hair follicles. A strain of yeast feeds on the scalp sebum and its excreted products irritate the scalp. This irritation results in dry scaling, flaking of skin and itching.


Science behind dandruff
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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff?:

The sad fact is that it’s almost impossible to get rid of dandruff completely but it is easy to get it under control. There are many dandruff limiting shampoos that contain Octopirox and/ or zinc Pyrithione which are two of the most effective dandruff controlling substances available. For effective dandruff control, you have to ensure that the product is massaged onto your scalp for at least 3 minutes before being washed off thoroughly.


How to get rid of Dandruff
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When to Ask for Help?:

In case you have tried out hair care products but still cannot control dandruff, then maybe it’s time for you to seek the help of a dermatologist. Skin problems like eczema, seborrhoea, and atopic dermatitis are often the cause of raging dandruff. One of the best things you could do to combat dandruff is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


When to Ask for Help
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With a fit body and a regular body care routine, there is no reason why dandruff cannot be controlled and kept away!! Your health care should actually be the foundation of your hair care in order to help you fight back this stubborn problem.