5 Things every guy should have in his bathroom cupboard

Today’s urban man does not like to compromise on his grooming routine. While a man’s bathroom cabinet does not need to look like a supermarket shelf, it should have some basics in there. But do men know what the basics are? A man’s bathroom speaks a lot about his approach to life- messy or organised, minimal or overboard, stingy or flamboyant. Well, you can be a combination of anything you like, but here are five things you must have in your bathroom cupboard.

5 Things every guy should have in his bathroom cupboard


1. Body & Face Wash :

You might be the soap and water kind of guy, but don’t you think it’s the time to change? Body & face wash and scrubs leave the skin supple by removing dead skin, blackheads, and impurities (things soap and water cannot do). They are not elixirs that will transform you overnight, but they will keep your skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day.
Now that you know what to replace your soap with, let us also tell you that your bathroom cupboard must contain a waterless face wash such as He on the go, along with the regular one. Besides using He on the go while you travel; you can also give your regular face wash a miss and use the waterless one whenever you are in a hurry.

Body & Face Wash

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2. Shampoo & Conditioner :

It doesn’t matter how well you dress if you have dull and dry hair. Your hair gets as much attention as your face so, you must take care of it. Shampoo and conditioners can be tricky while buying so; it is best to know which combination works for you. You should keep a good quality water based shampoo for cleansing the scalp and a hydrating conditioner for moisturising the strands in your bathroom. Plus, the fragrance is a bonus if you have an early day.

Shampoo & Conditioner

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3. Moisturising Cream :

Men have rough skin as compared to women, and thus, men should moisturise their skin often. So, it is important that you keep a moisturising cream handy in your bathroom cupboard that you can apply on your skin after a bath for a healthy glow. It will also protect your skin through the day from the sun and pollution in the air.

Moisturising Cream

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4. Electric Shaver :

Shaving is an art and well-groomed men a treat for the eyes. So, to ace this art, you need to have an electric shaver in your bathroom cupboard. This way you can always have a good shave. Unruly beard is a real turn off so, always tame your mane after a trim with some beard oil or cream.

Electric Shaver

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5. Oil :

Coconut oil, olive oil or even almond oil is the secret behind spa-worthy skin and hair. Every once in a while, pamper yourself with a nice hot oil massage. Want to soften your beard or nourish your skin, there is nothing better than a drop of oil. Go natural and add a bottle of oil to your bathroom cupboard because it rejuvenates the body better than you think.


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With these five products in your bathroom cupboard, your grooming regime is pretty set. There is no need to litter your shelf with a million useless products because these grooming potions will elevate your manliness game in a jiffy.