5 Best Fashion Apps for Men

Today, men are more style conscious than ever before. While some men have the innate ability to dress up flawlessly, others require a little help. With the development of technology, our fashion world has upgraded itself to provide help at the click of a button. Our phones are enabled to download apps that become our personal stylists. Whether you’re looking for deals, inspiration or latest fashion trends, there is a men’s fashion app available for them all. So, here are five of our favourite apps for the fashion-forward male.

5 Best Fashion Apps for Men


1. GILT :

An app available for Apple and Android phones, Gilt is all about big deals on big brands. The app lets you access amazing deals and flash sales on brands like Gucci, Prada and much more. One of the best shopping apps for elite menswear, you can choose your best deal on clothing, footwear, and accessories in a jiffy.


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2. Valet :

A great resource for today’s modern men, Valet keeps men updated about latest trends in menswear. The app provides fashion news, advice and tutorials for men at the touch of a button. Valet is a one stop solution app for today’s fashion-conscious men, who require some help and guidance.


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3. Men’s Hairstyle :

Sometimes, you just need a bit of inspiration when it comes to experimenting with your hair. This is where Men’s Hairstyle app comes to help. It is a fabulous app that allows you to professionally edit a real picture of yourself along with the hairstyle options available on the app. Choose from over hundred styles and blend it with your photo for a real opinion. Experimenting with new haircuts just got super easy!

Men's Hairstyle

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4. Cool Guy :

If you like the idea of a co-created outfit, you should try Cool Guy. A man’s version of Stylish Girl, this app lets men pick outfits, pack for season specific holidays and try looks from their own closet. Curate chic looks and check which colour matches with which pattern for hassle-free dressing with the help of this ultimate style planner.

Cool Guy

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5. Beardify :

Men are super obsessed with their beard, and now they have an app to satiate their obsession. On beardify, you can try different beards and moustaches to see which look suits you the best. Now your beard game can be on point with this app, which makes life so easy for men. Upload a photo of yourself and begin the fun of trying new looks. You can also take inspiration from different moustache and beard styles that are in vogue.


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If you are into fashion and are often looking for step-by-step tutorials or amazing fashion deals, these apps should be a staple on your phone. Every man needs a little help when it comes to fashion so, why not use these apps that provide easy fashion solutions at your fingertips.