5 Basic Fashion Rules For Men That Should Never Be Broken

When you are tuning yourself to the latest trend in fashion for men, you must adhere to the few basic rules of men new style. Here we go:

1. Do not wear the pleated trousers anymore:

The age of pleated pants got over ages ago, so if you still have those left in your wardrobe, just forget them for now. You need to choose the flat front trousers to be it chinos or khakis.



2. Belts are very much required with trousers:

Casual or Formals, you cannot miss waist belt in your attire. The only instance you can miss them is when you are wearing suspenders, otherwise, belts are mandatory in men’s wardrobe. You can certainly choose more stylish buckle while wearing with denim, otherwise, choose a simplistic non-glossy version.



3. The color of the socks with trousers:

Make sure you are fundamentally correct; the color of your socks should be same as the color of your formal trousers. You can choose to skip this rule only if you are wearing casuals like shorts, jeans which are folded at the bottom or chinos, where you can simply go sockless. Do not even wear a light brown belt with dark brown shoes or light tan khakis with darker tan socks, you need to match them perfectly.



4. The color of your belt with the color of your shoes:

Many people land up wearing the opposites and think they are following men new fashion! You have to absolutely match the color of your belt with the shoes. It is advised to double-check the colors, to look absolutely plugged into current fashion trends for men.



5. Slim is in:

You will have to tune-up your body contours to wear only slim-fit shirts, it is the most essential part of the new male fashion trends. You cannot afford to wear the standard loose-fitting shirts in your wardrobe that age that era has completely elapsed for now. Moreover, always prefer to wear light-colored shirts and always steer clear of dark- or bold-colored unless you have some special purpose or surprise fashion to show off! Ties should also be a slimline, with the darker shade compared to the shirt color in the background, unless you are wearing all-black.