4 Ways To Grow Thicker Darker Hair

Every person wants to have thick, shiny hair as they are an essential element of appeal for both men and women. But these days due to substantial environmental pollution and overexposure to various different chemicals, not every person is blessed with naturally dense hair which may have a significant impact on their self-esteem. However, if the hair problem is not hereditary, then there are many natural ways to counter this problem. Here is a list of top four ways to grow naturally thicker, darker hair.

1. Avoid excessive mental stress :

This is the top advice to anyone who wants to maintain thick natural hair. There are many studies which show that too much stress can push the hair into shedding phase disturbing the natural hair cycle. A straightforward solution to this problem is to perform relaxation exercises for men like meditation, yoga asanas, etc. which has been shown to reduce stress and enhance the overall well-being of an individual.


Avoid excessive mental stress


2. Avoid excessive styling :

To look trendy and stylish many people have a habit of styling their hair on a daily basis, this not only strips the scalp of essential oils but also leaves the hair more susceptible to damage. Styling the hair once in a while is perfectly fine but exposing the hair to chemicals and heat frequently will surely make them dull and lifeless.


Avoid excessive styling


3. Eat a high protein diet :

Proper intake of essential nutrients is crucial for hair growth as deficiency of essential macronutrient like protein could be a cause of hair thinning. When the body doesn’t get the required amount of protein from the diet, it tries to make up for the deficiency by stopping the hair growth. To avoid this from happening individuals are advised to include protein in diet chart for men from quality sources like fish, chicken, eggs, etc.


Eat a high protein diet


4. Use essential hair oils :

Massaging the hair with essential hair oils like olive, jojoba, coconut, etc. offers deep conditioning and stimulates the hair follicles for thick, darker hair growth. Consistent use of these essential oils moisturizes the scalp and keeps it free from problems like dandruff, lice, etc. which makes the hair weak and prone to breakage. For maximum results, an individual should thoroughly massage the hair with these hair oils at night and wash them the next morning with a mild shampoo.


Use essential hair oils