Why you should try martial arts as fitness regime?

How to lose weight? How to improve cardiovascular health? How to attain self-control? The answer to all these question is MARTIAL ARTS. Let us take a quick look at why martial arts ought to figure in your fitness regimen.

Why you should try martial arts as fitness regime

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1. Improves cardiovascular health :

To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is substantial for your cardiovascular system to be healthy. A weak cardiovascular system can result in weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and even a heart attack in severe cases. So, participate in martial arts and bestow yourself with a stronger cardiovascular system.

Improves cardiovascular health


2. Aids in losing weight :

Calorie deficit of 3,500 is a must to shed off one pound of fat. Therefore, you need to cut down 500 calories from your healthy diet for men to reduce one pound of fat in a week. Well, by participating in an hour’s moderate intensity martial arts, you can definitely burn 500 calories in a day. Congratulations for stepping on the path of great weight loss results!

Aids in losing weight

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3. Improves reflexes :

Martial arts is all about reflexes. You need to be agile, active, and flexible; plus possess spatial awareness to master the art form. By practicing martial arts you not only improve your reflexes but also experience agility and faster reactions.

Improves reflexes


4. Improves mental health :

Practicing martial arts is a great way to improve your mental health. It’s a great stress buster and you can actually release all your frustration by practicing different aggressive moves of the art form. Also, it benefits mental health by boosting your confidence, self-control and self-esteem.

Improves mental health

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Martial arts is one of those art forms which includes a perfect blend of functional movements with mobility, flexibility, strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, agility and spatial awareness. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself with one of the martial arts classes.