Why Warm Upis The First Thing You Should Do When You Start Working Out

Heading down to the weights section or any other gym class for that matter without warming up first is one of the biggest ‘don’ts’ of working out.

Even back when you were in school and you had gym class, you’d be made to run a round or two around just to get your heart pumping, whilst you thought it was all torture, your coach was actually saving you form making big blunders.

Not warming up before working out can lead to a number of problems like muscle injuries, joint pains, extreme soreness. Warming up before working out even if it is done for ten minutes can go a long way and hence is considered mandatory by fitness professionals.



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1. Pumps blood to all the areas:

When you start with mini movements of the body, the core temperature increases. Due to this the muscles, ligaments and tendons also heat up which in turn helps the body adapt easily to the workout. Hence, when you actually start sweating during a cardio session, that’s when you’re ready to hit the strenuous workout regime.




2. Warming up readies the body for rigorous exercise:

Everything we do has steps, without walking a child doesn’t run, same applies when it comes to working out. Our bodies cannot adapt immediately to lifting weights or push ups without there being a certain readiness in the body. Warming up helps the body ease into exercise requiring more strength.



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3. Warming up reduces the chances of getting injuries:

Once your body is heated; blood starts pumping faster which increases muscle efficiency.If your muscles are strong, you can eventually find it easier to carry longer workouts.




4. Post workout soreness can be reduced:

Warming up when done properly can reduce the post workout soreness because the body was slowly eased into the regime instead of directly jumping to heavier and more straining exercises.



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Even though warming up is an important part before beginning any workout, so are stretching and cool-down after the workout is completed. These three along with a proper diet are what will achieve you the body that you want.