Why Vidyut Jamwal can be a fitness inspiration?

He is the Commando of Indian cinema, inspiration for young blood, and Heartthrob of Bollywood. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about none other than “The New Age Action Hero of Bollywood”, Vidyut Jamwal. He kicked off his career in Bollywood with the movie Force. As a protagonist in his second film, Commando, he created quite a stir with his stellar performance and inspired young blood to be fit. Let’s take a quick look at Vidyut Jamwal’s fitness regimen.

Why Vidyut Jamwal can be a fitness inspiration

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1. Workout regimen followed by Vidyut Jamwal :

Gym workout for men alone doesn’t constitute the workout regimen for the Commando of Indian cinema. He visits the gym 3 to 4 times a week for weight and strength training. For the remaining days, he practices martial arts and its various forms, gymnastics and parkour. And, you’ll be flabbergasted to know that the workout regimen of Vidyut Jamwal includes training early in the morning from 06:00hours to 11:00hours and again in the evening from 17:00hours to 21:00hours.

Workout regimen followed by Vidyut Jamwal

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2. Diet plan followed by Vidyut Jamwal :

He says, “Extra workout is not going to make you fit but taking proper diet post and pre workout will help you build a good body and achieve fitness”. He firmly believes that no matter whichever healthy diet for men you are following, all you need to focus is on consuming a balanced diet comprising of all the essential nutrients. He turned into a vegetarian in 2002 and his diet plan looks like this:

Pre-workout: 1 bowl of muesli with oats and fruits
Breakfast: Idlis & bread toast
Lunch: Fruits, Vegetables, Daal and Chapatti
Evening snack: A plate of upma
Dinner: Chapattis with green veggies
Post workout: Protein shakes and tofu

Diet plan followed by Vidyut Jamwal

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3. Vidyut’s success mantra for stunning physique :

He says that gym workout is not the only way to lead a healthy lifestyle. The day you’ll start practicing any particular physical activity that you love or like, you’ll climb the first step on the ladder of fitness.

Vidyut’s success mantra for stunning physique

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Epitomizing hard-work and dedication, Vidyut Jamwal is truly a fitness inspiration for the youth of today.