Why Lemonade Soda Is The Best Drink For Summers

When life throws lemons at you, make tasty lemonade soda. And when it is during summers, the right to treat yourself to this delicious drink is even more reasonable! Believe it or not lemonade is among some of the most widely consumed beverages in the world.




There are people who can’t get enough of it! Sure, why not? It is healthy and easy to prepare. And when it’s mixed with soda, lemonade gets a completely new characters with its own sets of benefits. So if you are also a big fan of lemonade sodas, then here’s why you must consume it even more in this scorching heat:


1. Rich In Vitamin C:

Its main ingredient lemon is a healthy citrus fruit which is rich in not only minerals and citric acid but also Vitamin C. So in a way, you end up gaining vitamins on drinking lemonade soda which is extremely important in this weary and dreary weather. Your body gets nourished in the process.




2. Reduces Fatigue:

One cup serving of raw lemon juice provide 61 calories and zero fat. This means there is no way you can get tired or fatigued if you have a glass of cold lemonade soda. Plus, you need that energy burst. Try it yourself: you will suddenly feel stronger and rejuvenated after consuming lemonade soda.



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3. It Has Antioxidants:

And that also cancer fighting ones! This is because it has Vitamin C which is known to provide strength to the body. Lemons, themselves, contain limonoids which are able to prevent certain types of cancers such as skin, mouth, breast and colon. So lemonade soda reduces the chances of your body getting diseased by cancer.




4. Too Many Ways To Customize The Flavour:

You can make innovative cocktails and mocktails, mix it with beer or even add flavours such as blackcurrant and strawberry to make it a thirst-quenching and soul satisfying beverage. You can convert them into frozen cubes and have them in the form of lollipops. Trust us, you will enjoy your summers like never before!



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Since lemonade soda is acidic in nature, it might give you a little acidity. But more or less, it will not make you bloaty. In fact, it might even fight acid refluxes in your body unlike alcohol which is also full of acidic content. So go ahead, make yourself a chilled jug full of lemonade soda right now!