What Should Be Your Weekly Work Out Routine

Many of you must have started to work out in the gym recently. One confusion that most new gym goers always have is what should be the best work out schedule for them which is neither too taxing on their body nor does it stop them for gaining muscles the way they desire. It is honestly that difficult though- to figure out your weekly workout routine. You need to take out five days from the week and at least two hour on each of these days. To know about this 5 day workout schedule, read below.


What should be your weekly work out routine


1. Schedule For The Week:

Planning your workout over five days spreads out all your exercises equitably, without putting much exertion on you. You need to start from Monday. Your first day should consist of Chest and Abs exercises, followed by shoulder exercise, which needs to be followed by back and abs exercises. The next day you need to do biceps and triceps exercises, which should be followed by legs and abs exercises. You can take a rest day in between or you can rest on both Saturday and Sunday.


Schedule for the week

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2. Cardio:

Cardio exercises is something that you must do regularly. Start with brisk walking on the treadmill for a few minutes and then follow it with jogging or running. Go back to walking again. Then walk with inclination for a minute or two. After that, you should spend some time walking again. End your workout with cycling for 5-10 minutes. You can use cross trainer to if your gym coach recommends otherwise you need to do cross trainer only on leg days. The total time you spend on cardio exercises depends on your body fat and as advised by your trainer.



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3. Exercises:

Two exercises that you need to do daily are push ups and chin ups. Do at least 4-5 sets of push ups with 10 reps in each set. Do three sets of chin ups with 5-6 reps. For chest exercises, do bench press and fly exercises. Do pulley push downs- close and wide grip, back pulley push down, and rowing for back. Lining, hammer, dumbbell, and pitcher etc. are recommended exercises for biceps and triceps. Shoulder rod exercises are mandatory on shoulder days. For legs, lunges, squats, leg press, and leg extension are absolutely necessary. Do crunches, planks, and leg raise for abs.



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These exercises however should all be done under the guidance of your trainer. He will be the best person to tell you which exercise should follow which one and how many reps for each exercise should you do. Usually, 3-5 reps are recommended, but as mentioned earlier, your trainer knows the best.