Is there something like having too much Protein?

Protein is super-essential to keep your hard-earned muscles toned, curb your appetite, boost your metabolism, blah blah. And with the trending High Protein Diets, everyone is going gaga over this nutrient. But did you know anything about its dark side. Here it goes!


Is there something like having too much Protein

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1. How much Protein do men need?

An average man requires 0.8 g of Protein per kilogram of body weight in a day. It adds up to approximately 56 g of Protein for men per day.

How much Protein do men need

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2. What if you consume more Protein than required?

Well, the list is pretty scary.

  • You begin to gain weight:
  • Your trainer must have emphasized on eating Protein and only Protein. But if you continue pigging out whey protein and egg white without having anything else, you will notice a rightward shift on your weighing machine.


    You begin to gain weight

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  • Your kidneys might be in trouble:
  • Excessive protein over pressurizes your kidneys in the process of digestion, thus creating problems in the filtration process. So as you fight the bodybuilding battle, you might just end up on bed.

    Your kidneys might be in trouble


  • You get dehydrated too easily:
  • If you increase the protein intake but don’t drink enough water, the water level in your body may get sucked up in breaking down and digesting the protein, thus leading to dehydration.


    You get dehydrated too easily


  • You become way too gastric:
  • Protein rich foods like Chicken and cottage cheese often lack fiber necessary for poop and pee. Hence, you might end up feeling bloated and constipated, irrespective of the fact that you followed the gym diet for men religiously.


    You become way too gastric


Now you know what is the ideal amount of protein needed in the diet plan for men. Make sure you don’t go overboard!