If these videos of Siddharth Malhotra working out don’t motivate you nothing will!

Siddharth Malhotra, the ‘Student of the Year’ star is one Bollywood actor who has got a body that women swoon over and men envy.

But, dear men, envying is neither going to get you a super fit body like him nor the kind of female attention that he enjoys.

The only way to have a fit and desirable body is by taking yourself to a gym and making a workout an indispensable part of your day, just like our ‘KukkadKamaal Da’. Don’t worry if you have never had an exercise regime before; we bring you the golden rules of working out, from the horse’s mouth!

In these two videos here, Siddharth discusses the various aspects of working out and tracing your progress. These short videos are so inspiring that it won’t be a surprise if you make a trip to your nearest gym just after you finish watching them.

So what are the valuable tips that Siddharth has for all those who want to stay fit like him?


1. Work Out:

Siddharth explains how his workout regime for his last movie ‘Brothers’ involved a lot of heavy lifting, stretching, and shadow boxing, along with a lot of legwork to help him maintain his swiftness despite gaining weight. Some important tips that he gives in this video are:

  • Include a lot of foot work in your cardio
  • Mix up your push ups
  • Start from flat and move to decline to strengthen triceps and chest muscles
  • Try One Clap push ups every so often
  • Indulge in a lot of outdoor exercising like swimming, rope climbing, cycling, etc.


2. Chart Your Progress:

In this video, Siddharth talks about the importance of charting the progress of your work out regime. The steps to follow your progress are:

  • Click pictures of your body every weekend and see how it has changed
  • Take measurements to see if your muscles have grown or reduced
  • Understand the reasons behind the changes showing up on your body
  • Make sure these reasons are scientific
  • Understand how any change made in your diet plan is affecting your body’s shape and weight


If you are looking for motivation to take up gyming, then look no further. Siddharth’s enthusiasm for staying fit is so contagious in these videos, it will awaken the fitness freak in you right away!