How to build your Deltoid Muscles?

Who doesn’t want to impress girls with a toned and fit body? Ladies dig the buffed up man with muscles and bulging shoulders. A good workout not just gets you the attention you always longed for but also keeps you fit and active. Here are a few tips to quickly build up your upper body and deltoid muscles and be in a frame to die for.

How to build your Deltoid Muscles


1. Standing Dumbbell Press :

You always go in for the sitting dumbbells, right? Try standing dumbbell presses; it will surely come as a shocker. Getting the perfect 180 degree angle with your arms will surely make you realise what the best gym work out for your delts is.

Standing Dumbbell Press


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2. Side Lateral raise with Kettle bells :

Kick the lateral raises up a notch with the kettle bells! These gym exercises for men will not just be good for your delts but also strengthen your grip, triceps and chest. Little tips of gym; turn the thumbs down when your arms are parallel to the ground for better and quicker results.

Side Lateral raise with Kettle bells


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3. Barbell Military Press :

For a drool-worthy body, try the all inclusive Barbell Military Press which tones the chest, abs and shoulders. A 12 set repetition is good for amateurs. Remember not to arch your back while exercising.

Barbell Military Press


4. Upright rows :

Be your girlfriend’s strong back with this barbell exercise which works wonders for improving deltoid muscles. This workout gives best results if the hands are kept 6” apart and elbows are above your hands when you pull the bar up.

Upright rows


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A perfect physique can be achieved by anyone! You don’t need to be a gym freak but you must know proper exercise for men.And here’s an extra gym health tip: before doing all these exercises, make sure you do a good cardio for better results.