How Does Smoking Affect Your Gym Gains

If you are a regular smoker and at the same time, you also work out regularly, then you will be shocked to know that smoking can become a major obstacle in the process of your body building and muscular growth. This is how smoking affects gym gains. Read further to know in details. Here are a few ways in which smoking affects your gym gains.




1. Unexpected Reduction In Heart Beat:

If you smoke regularly, your cardiac activities will be altered. Your heart will beat approximately thirty times much faster as compared to your heart beat in normal situation. This will cause unexpected increase in blood pressure and diminish blood flow throughout your body. This changed mechanism inside your body will alter the effects of exercise regime that you follow everyday for gaining muscles.



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2. Low Production Of Oxygen:

When your cardiac activities remain normal, the process circulates oxygen throughout your body. This contributes towards muscle gain by supplying oxygen into the muscles and assisting them in their process of growth. However, if you are a regular smoker then you will always remain deprived of the merit of this natural process. Firstly, the nicotine present in cigarette smoke hampers the process of natural blood flow into the muscles. This makes the body produce much less oxygen to the body than normal. The flow of oxygen inside the body gets retarded in another way when you smoke regularly.



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3. Reduction In Testosterone Level:

It is essential to have normal testosterone level in order to get the desired outcome of the muscle gaining process. As men are naturally bestowed with elevated levels of testosterone, so they can get immediate results if they go to gym regularly and meticulously indulge in muscle gaining process. Unfortunately, you will be deprived from these positive results of gym workout if you are a smoker! This is because smoking rescued the level of testosterone in blood. Hence, if you smoke regularly then you will never get your desired outcome even if you are a regular gym attendant.



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4. Lessening Of Endurance:

The longer you can stretch your exercise session greater will be its impact on your muscle building process. But you need to have an elevated level of stamina and strength in order to prolong your exercise session. Regrettably, you will never have adequate strength that is required for a full-fledged exercise session is you smoke regularly. This will make your dream of achieving muscle growth unachievable!



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If you dream of having a sculpted body, smoking will make it a dream that will remain unachievable. Therefore, quit smoking as soon as possible.