Fruits You Must Include In Your Summer Diet

With mercury levels reaching new heights every day, summers are certainly succeeding in draining us out. While drinking plenty of water is a must, making minor tweaks in the diet plan is also necessary for everyone.




Fruits, in particular, not only keep us well hydrated but also nourish our skin and strengthen our body’s immunity system. This is why they form an important part of a healthy diet for men.

Thankfully, there is an abundance of fresh and healthy options to choose from:


1. Watermelons:

This goes without saying that summers and watermelons go hand-in-hand. Rich in antioxidants, this fruit has a skin-protecting lycopene – which is an asset during the harsh summers. It is also 92% water and quenches thirst in a flash! Also, avoid buying watermelons from the roadside vendors as they cause diarrhoea.



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2. Red Cherries:

These are tiny, yummy berries found on the top of pastries and other confectionary items. But, little do people know that the consumption of this fruit enables a good night’s sleep, reduces fat storage and even keeps the body active.




3. Rasberries:

Rich in fibre, this fruit helps in lowering the cholesterol level. It prevents weight gain. During summers, especially, raspberries keep the body active and up-and-about with its sweet and citric taste.



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4. Pears:

While making the summer diet chart, don’t forget to include pears! Known for its soft texture and succulent taste, this fruit is perfect to be consumed during summertime. Pears are rich in vitamin C and copper and also make for a good source of fibre.




5. Apricots:

Juicy and tasty, apricots are a perfect addition in the summer diet because of their nutrients. This fruit contains beta-carotene and lycopene which are good for the heart. Apricots are also rich in vitamin A and comprise antioxidants that assist vision and cellular growth in the body.



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6. Mangoes:

Popularly known as the “king of fruits”, mangoes are consumed in bountiful quantities during the Indian summer. This fruit is rich in vitamin A and C and keeps various forms of cancer at bay. Moreover, it is one of the favourite fruits of children for its unique “consumption style” and taste.




Our body needs cooling, healthy foods in large proportions to beat the heat. And these fruits keep heat strokes and dehydration at bay like a pro! Make your summers fun with delicious fruit salads, juices and what not! So, which one is your favourite fruit?