Dry Fruits Worth Giving an Arm and a Leg for this Winter

No diet plan for men is complete without a healthy intake of dry fruits. They are the perfect snack for winter, as they provide a high amount of heat and nutrients. They even satiate cravings and are a great alternative to salty, fried snacks. Here are some of the best dry fruits to consume this winter:



1. Almonds:

The ‘king of dry fruits’, almond is a powerhouse of nutrients. It isrich in protein and fibre, and helps reduce cholesterol and increase blood circulation. 4-5 almonds a day are healthy, and you can even soak them overnight to reduce the heat content. Alternately, they are widely used in face packs, as they are great for your skin.



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2. Walnuts:

One of the healthiest nuts, walnuts are high in Omega 3 fatty acidsand should definitely be included in a healthy diet for men. Consumption of 1 or 2 walnuts a day is supposed to be good for your hair and skin. Shaped like human brains, it is even said to increase brain productivity!



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3. Cashews:

Cashew nuts are rich in Vitamin E and are said to have anti-aging properties. Eating a few every week will keep you healthy and glowing this winter. You can incorporate them in a lot of traditional Indian recipes. Cashews control cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and when eaten in moderation, even help you lose weight, hence they should definitely be included in a diet for men.



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4. Pistachios:

These delicious nuts are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. They protect our skin from UV rays and lower our chances of skin cancer. It is ahealthy food for men, and consuming a handful every few days would be good for your diet.



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So this winter, invest in these dry fruits and include some in your diet chart for men. They are high in nutrients and will help you be healthier and fitter.