Drinks To Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter has set in. The time to stay snug under a warm blanket and indulge in a mug of hot chocolate is finally here! But hey, is hot chocolate the answer to all your winter cravings? The answer is no! There is an array of drinks that are not only nourishing but also restorative—perfect for a healthy diet for men. Oh, and each drink tastes so different from the other.




Adding to this thought, here is a list of six beverages that will keep nice and toasty all winter long:

1. Hot Buttered Rum:

Having just rum on a grey day is passé. Why not treat yourself to something twistier? This frothy (and yummy) beverage dates back to the Colonial era. Its main ingredients are soul-soothing rum (of your choice) heated up with a perfect mix of sugar and butter.




2. Hot Water & Lemon Infusion:

This concoction has real benefits. It is anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidant attributes of turmeric. On top of it, this drink is easy to prepare. If your winter diet for men includes flushing out toxins from liver and kidneys, then this drink will give flawless results.



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3. Spiced Irish Coffee:

This is a versatile invention. Freshly brewed Irish coffee and dollops of whipped cream topped with a spot of whiskey—a real soul-soother. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle chili powder over the drink for added flavour.




4. Hot Apple Cider With Cinnamon:

Rich in iron and vitamin, Apple Cider helps in keeping cholesterol under control. It also aids in reducing stress! This hot drink is easy to prepare. You can add a stick of cinnamon to this delightful beverage. Who said winter diet for men is boring!



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5. Traditional Chai:

Ah! This option is forever welcome. Ginger, cinnamon or saffron—there are so many ways to make that perfect cup of tea. As an Indian, you can’t help but include this in the top winter beverages of all time! But don’t forget to cut down on sugar.




6. Mexican Hot Chocolate:

This is hot chocolate with a special twist—it comprises cinnamon and cayenne pepper along with a fusion of milk chocolate and dark drinking chocolate. To accentuate the ‘drinking’ experience, add a couple of marshmallows!



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The best thing about these healthy beverages is that even though they are so different from each other (different ingredients and tastes) they offer the same thing to everyone and that is lots of happiness! So pick one or choose all—the choice is yours!