Don’t Let Diabetes Ruin Your Taste Buds: Have These Deliciousand Healthy Dishes

Just because you are a patient of diabetes doesn’t mean you need to stop yourself from gorging on tasty dishes. With healthy cooking and orderly snacking, you can not only treat your taste buds but also keep diabetes in check. Whether it is about enjoying a lavish dinner spread or grabbing a quick breakfast—you can stick with a healthy diet plan for men suffering from diabetes




Check out these easy-to-cook bites that you can enjoy to your heart’s content:


1. Grapefruit and Banana Salad:

Hard to believe that these two fruits, when combined, can make a rather tasty dish, isn’t? Right! While grapefruit is low on glycemic index, banana is an energy-boosting fruit with natural sweeteners. So the next time you feel like having something sweet, prepare this fruity salad and garnish it with honey.




2. Barley and Black Bean Salad:

High in carbohydrates, this salad packs in 12 grams of fibre. This preparation is low in cholesterol and is a perfect quick bite. It is easy to make too!



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3. Bowl of Berries:

Cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc. are rich in antioxidants. Good for the heart, all kinds of berries prevent cancer and are fat-free. Depending upon their serving size, a bowl of these berries can provide a comparatively smallquantity of calories and carbohydrates. Oh, and don’t forget to add whipped cream!



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4. Fish:

Consuming fish at least twice a week can actually prevent patients of diabetes against kidney problems. You can have a variety of fish—mackerel, salmon, halibut and albacore tuna—that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Grill or fry—there are many ways to enjoy the fish!




5. Sweet Potatoes:

Normal potatoes are rich in starch that diabetic patients can’t consume. Sweet potatoes provide an excellent alternative. You can even prepare a spicy sabzi with this tasty vegetable. Sweet potatoes are rich invitamins A and C and fibre; so relish them whole-heartedly.



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You can enjoy good food by picking the right kind of vegetables, fruits and add-ons. Don’t let this illness affect your love for food. Don’t cheat with your diet. Select healthy options and bring a twist to the usual recipes for better results.